Weight Gurus

My Role

Product Research and Design Consultant

Creating a Premium Experience for a Premium Smart Scale

Weight gurus is a weight tracking app that pairs with smart scales to provide users with the data that makes hitting their fitness goals easier.
The smart scales that pair with weight gurus are some of the most highly-rated and purchased on Amazon, making the active user count of Weight Gurus approximately 200,000 users/month.

Project Goals

Optimize day-to-day use to be as simple as possible

Provide Simple “Automagic” Onboarding

Create features that increase user retention

Improve app store ratings

Alignment Workshop

A pre-alignment workshop survey was sent out to team members and stakeholders to gather insights in preparation for the alignment workshop. Involving team members and stakeholders during the research phase is essential for gathering information to help make better product decisions. This helps get everyone on the same page and have a clear strategy defined before moving forward.


To kick off the design sprint, I created an itinerary to share with the stakeholders to follow along and know what to expect on a week-by-week basis.


Stakeholders help gather and showcase potential features and provide inspiration for design concepts later. Loom was used to host the video clips in a curated library and make them easily accessible to team members.


Clarifying personas and tying user stories to flow audits and hypothesis created synergy and bases for ongoing discussions and feature suggestions.

Audit of Current State and Optimization Suggestions

Personas were utilized to help audit onboarding and device pairing in order to suggest an optimal experience.

First Engagement – Weighing In

To increase user retention, we wanted to create a more personal weigh-in experience for users. If a user weighs in with their app open, they can see their weight, the progress they’ve made towards their goal, and how many days in a row they’ve weighed in.


Bringing all teams together to hit the proposed timeline proved challenging, particularly due to field testing logistics. However, the results have proven to be successful and the customer base has grown to over 1M with user retention at 78%.

Jason Sutherland | Product Designer