Hypinion Pricing Game

My Role

Owner / Founder / Visionary / Designer

The Right Place for the Right Price

Hypinion brings gamification to real estate. Compete among real estate lovers by guessing the final sales price of a property. Win prizes by being top of the leaderboard.

Product Goal

Redefine real estate platform engagement by way of user generated content.


Almost all real estate inventory content, published or supplied through major platforms or real estate agents, suffers from actual engagement. Specifically, most real estate inventory is only viewed by consumers.

Real estate inventory does not offer any fun or wide spread opportunities for user generated content. Consumers generally provide bad lead info, scroll through photos, new MLS inventory and home price estimates. 

Hypinion seeks to solve this through the gamification of real estate – fantasy real estate. 

Getting on the Leaderboard

Accurately guessing a final sales price is the primary goal. The earlier the guess the higher the score.

Users can also increase their points with other guesses for property status updates.

  • Contract / Offer Accepted Date
  • Close of Sale / Property Recorded Date


Contest prizes are sponsored by big brands, local shops, brokerages, agents and investors.


Currently Hypinion is validating proof of concept while seeking seeking funding.

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Jason Sutherland | Product Designer