Weight Gurus

My Role

Product Research and Design Consultant

Creating a Premium Experience for a Premium Smart Scale

Weight gurus is a weight tracking app that pairs with smart scales to provide users with the data that makes hitting their fitness goals easier.
The smart scales that pair with weight gurus are some of the most highly-rated and purchased on Amazon, making the active user count of Weight Gurus approximately 200,000 users/month.

Project Goals

Optimize day-to-day use to be as simple as possible

Provide Simple “Automagic” Onboarding

Create features that increase user retention

Improve app store ratings

Alignment Workshop

A pre-alignment workshop survey was sent out to team members and stakeholders to gather insights in preparation for the alignment workshop. Involving team members and stakeholders during the research phase is essential for gathering information to help make better product decisions. This helps get everyone on the same page and have a clear strategy defined before moving forward.


To kick off the design sprint, I created an itinerary to share with the stakeholders to follow along and know what to expect on a week-by-week basis.


Stakeholders help gather and showcase potential features and provide inspiration for design concepts later. Loom was used to host the video clips in a curated library and make them easily accessible to team members.


Clarifying personas and tying user stories to flow audits and hypothesis created synergy and bases for ongoing discussions and feature suggestions.

Audit of Current State and Optimization Suggestions

Personas were utilized to help audit onboarding and device pairing in order to suggest an optimal experience.

First Engagement – Weighing In

To increase user retention, we wanted to create a more personal weigh-in experience for users. If a user weighs in with their app open, they can see their weight, the progress they’ve made towards their goal, and how many days in a row they’ve weighed in.


Bringing all teams together to hit the proposed timeline proved challenging, particularly due to field testing logistics. However, the results have proven to be successful and the customer base has grown to over 1M with user retention at 78%.

OJO Labs

OJO Labs acquired Movoto Real estate in 2020. Bridging the new with the “old”, the native application faced a rebrand along with a new priority in features specific to homeownership.

My Role

As the native application owner it was imperative that all new team players in the Austin, TX offices understood the path forward.

Defining priority, clarifying performance metrics, coordinating production ready design assets to utilize a new design system and grooming stories for sprints were all part of the efforts success and my leadership.


An entire over haul of the native application’s interface and new feature set was completed in 120 days.

Shipped Product

Movoto Real Estate

State of The Industry

There are 5M homes sold annually across the United States. At any given moment there are 1M properties for sale.

In 2009 the Real Estate industry began to shift by exposing Multiple Listing Data via the internet which was typically held close by Real Estate Agents.

Problem Statement

There are millions of people searching for homes on the internet. How do you attract qualified buyers to transact, on in most cases the largest transaction in most peoples lives, with professionals they have never met?

Demographic Focus / Persona

Defining a prospective homebuyer who searches the internet for active property listings.


Gaining insight and understanding of what matters most to the user occurred through onsite and remote studies as well as surveys. We also “adopted” customers and followed them through the entire home buying process.

Outlining critical customer pain points along the home buying journey allowed for definitive understanding of how we can best help homebuyers.


What makes up a home buyer?

Answering these question are critical moments along the journey.

Concepts / Storyboards

Presenting the narrowed user group with story boards to gain early buy-in and validation proved extremely valuable.

One snippet of a series helping spousal collaboration before engaging with a Real Estate Agent.

Flow / Decisions

Outlining best practices and definitive ways for the Movoto product to ensure that user account creation is being done seamlessly to help drive user retention and engagement.

What are the entry and touch points for user account creation and focusing on retention.

Current State of the Product

Custom “hand-crafted” icons for a consistent experience.


From conducting user studies, prototypes to pixel perfection mock-ups the Movoto consumer application is 100% of my work. While there are team members helping me learn from other product interests, the Movoto Real Estate App maintains a 4.4 star rating and proudly has a 22% retention rate at week 5.

My role a Sr. Designer at Movoto also allowed for me to define the responsive layout and photo centric hero grid that helps differentiate the Movoto experience as well as maintain the movoto-font for all contributors to access and use.


State of The Industry

Internet leads come in droves and they are seen as poor quality; costing Real Estate Agents time and money.

Real Estate Agents also have little loyalty to a CRM / Sales solution that helps increase their close rate for better earnings.

Problem Statement

If Real Estate agents don’t like internet leads and they aren’t super committed to a CRM solution, is there are way to help agents receive more qualified internet leads by using a dedicated system?

Demographic Focus / Persona

Real Estate Agents that are looking to grow their book of business outside of traditional marketing methods.


Defining how agents experience the process allowed for concise pain point discoveries.

Matching journey points across the client and agent side.


Movoto FastConnect was devised to keep agents in direct communication with clients. Early vetting and qualification was done by operations before a lead / referral was dispatched live via phone.

A 14 point notification system helped agents keep clients at the front of their daily activities to increase their close rate opportunities.

To increase usage of the application and drive agents to continue wanting Movoto leads, their close rate score had to maintain a high degree.

Decision chart defining the 14 point notification flow.

Informative overview poster for new agents to quickly grasp the FastConnect process.

Current State of the Product


Responsibility of product owner at BETA stage and brought the hybrid app into a new fully native experience. 3500+ partner agents used this application to help track and account for $9M in revenue in 2015. Today, Movoto Real Estate Brokerage has adopted the application and is currently undergoing a rework to help provide for full service operations. All screens, posters, flows etc. come from my desk.

Recruit Holdings

How do the elite like to browse luxury properties?

Recruit Holdings executives requested funded a moonshot effort focusing on the elite and their buyer representative.

Interviews were conducted during ride alongs with buyer reps.

Fact: Criteria is set by the wealthy investor and a representative is sent on an idividuals behalf to review, negotiate and submit a property offer. These representatives are not typically licensed agents, but trusted business savvy individuals.

This concept application was designed not only for the ultra rich, but also as eye candy for the average homebuyer.

Search by helipad, yacht dock, polo club, car club.. the list goes on.

Jason Sutherland | Product Designer