Movoto Real Estate

State of The Industry

There are 5M homes sold annually across the United States. At any given moment there are 1M properties for sale.

In 2009 the Real Estate industry began to shift by exposing Multiple Listing Data via the internet which was typically held close by Real Estate Agents.

Problem Statement

There are millions of people searching for homes on the internet. How do you attract qualified buyers to transact, on in most cases the largest transaction in most peoples lives, with professionals they have never met?

Demographic Focus / Persona

Defining a prospective homebuyer who searches the internet for active property listings.


Gaining insight and understanding of what matters most to the user occurred through onsite and remote studies as well as surveys. We also “adopted” customers and followed them through the entire home buying process.

Outlining critical customer pain points along the home buying journey allowed for definitive understanding of how we can best help homebuyers.


What makes up a home buyer?
Answering these question are critical moments along the journey.

Concepts / Storyboards

Presenting the narrowed user group with story boards to gain early buy-in and validation proved extremely valuable.

One snippet of a series helping spousal collaboration before engaging with a Real Estate Agent.

Flow / Decisions

Outlining best practices and definitive ways for the Movoto product to ensure that user account creation is being done seamlessly to help drive user retention and engagement.

What are the entry and touch points for user account creation and focusing on retention.

Current State of the Product

Custom “hand-crafted” icons for a consistent experience.


From conducting user studies, prototypes to pixel perfection mock-ups the Movoto consumer application is 100% of my work. While there are team members helping me learn from other product interests, the Movoto Real Estate App maintains a 4.4 star rating and proudly has a 22% retention rate at week 5.

My role a Sr. Designer at Movoto also allowed for me to define the responsive layout and photo centric hero grid that helps differentiate the Movoto experience as well as maintain the movoto-font for all contributors to access and use.

Jason Sutherland | Product Designer